The work on my roof has been completed and I am really happy so thank you so much.

I am really happy and the workmen were very pleasant and accommodating I’m so pleased I have a fixed roof!!

Many thanks

Lauren judge


The tradesmen were fantastic they were so clean and tidy, covering the stairs and using a dustpan and brush to keep it clean…they were as good as gold. All the rubbish was quickly cleared away into a skip.

With untrustworthy cowboys out there it’s refreshing to have such marvellous workers – if you want to see the work first hand or for us to provide references we would be delighted to do so!

–Mrs B near Exeter

My partner found them very well natured and a good team. With the scaffold still in place I inspected the roof, as well as I was able, and found nothing amiss in the workmanship.”

– Mr F

They were very friendly and I have recommended them, Foamroof, to my friends and neighbours. They were professional teams who carried out their work with a complete lack of mess. It was all very painless and the installers were good humoured and communicative. The diligence of the roofing prep team was also very impressive. It was great and having seen a friends installation …..hers was even better! *

*(Foamroof think the installation of a Velux roof window makes a great difference – introducing lovely natural light into the loft!)

–Mrs S, Bath,

My husband thought they were amazing. They were courteous and worked with great speed and went beyond what was expected. They were brilliant.

–Mrs C, on behalf of Mr C! Somerset,

I am quite particular but the service provided was excellent and ticked every box. They were very clean and tidy and in every aspect they conducted themselves very well.

–Mrs B, Worle, North Somerset

The team were courteous, polite, swift, helpful and very very good. They are a credit to Foamroof

–Mr S – DT5

It’s hard to see what a finished roof looks likes. If you would like to see a Foamroof installation please come and look at ours! We are delighted with the results it is excellent

–Mr W, EX10

They were good lads – we had two teams here and they really got on with it.

“They were very clean too and I’m pleased with the work

–Mr J, Weston-super-Mare

Kevin and his team were very tidy and friendly – really good in fact. I felt totally relaxed with them in my house

–Mrs W, Frome

We are very pleased and have found the home a lot warmer. We have noticed a 3-4 degree rise in temperature in the bedroom even during the very cold.

It was a very good investment.

–Mrs A, Weymouth

We were very impressed. We knew from the survey that a significant amount of the roof would be removed and expected a lot of mess and hassle. However they worked really hard and re-felted the section, re-tiled, fitted the Sprayfoam and left it clear all in one day.

We had it installed to cure a condensation problem and we have been very impressed.

The operation team were efficient too.

–Mrs P, Thatcham

Everything has gone to plan and I must congratulate the teams that you provided, as they were professional, respectful and very helpful. We will recommend Foamroof to anyone…Thanks once again and I am sorry I cannot sleep in the loft (it looks so nice!)

Best wishes from us both

–Mr & Mrs JW, EX10, Sidmouth

The installation team had a cup of tea with us and were very polite and tidy. The ten year guarantee is good. We’re very happy

–Mr T, GU1, Guildford

Brilliant the installation team covered the things we hadn’t been able to clear from the loft. They left the loft clean and it is much brighter and cleaner.

The remedial work carried out; replacing tiles and repairing the ridge tiles was also carried out to a high standard.

–Mr M, Bristol

Absolutely brilliant – we were very pleased with the chaps they were conscientious and keen. We are very pleased with the product and although my house is only forty years old it has given me real peace of mind.” A very fair company and the Director I spoke to was very reasonable.

–Mr R, Retired Chief Engineer

Absolutely brilliant. We have real peace of mind now the work has been completed.

–Mrs L, BH22, Parley

The guys were superb, not just their workmanship, but as an engineer I found them very knowledgeable too.

The basic benefit is that the attic is far more useable;it is much brighter and airier. The old roof-light has been replaced by a new Velux and it is stunning.

I couldn’t praise them enough – I wish I had had it done sooner and we have recommended Foamroof to our friends.

–Mr J, DT4, Dorchester

It was a super job. The lads were great – very clean job. We had a chimney that had previously lost pointing and fallen into disrepair. They repointed the chimney before continuing with the Sprayfoam.”

We immediately detected savings on our fuel bill. We’re very pleased!

-Mr R, SO16, Southampton

We had an excellent service from Foamroof. They were prompt, very courteous and completed the work in good time”

“I would say they were exceptionally careful and were good at clearing up after themselves.”

–Mr D, GU17, Guildford

 We have a cottage style house. My husband thought the installation team were tidy, helpful and courteous. It helped resolve a rodent problem in the roof and we are surprised that our heating bill has dropped despite the cold winter we had.

We are delighted!

–Mrs B, Southampton

 We are very happy with it. The installation team were brilliant and worked very hard – the job is super.

It has given us far greater peace of mind and strangely seems quieter!

–Mrs GL, Camberley

The work was nicely done. We were interested primarily in the insulating properties that the Foamroof Sprayfoam would give. We are happy with it.

–Mr S, DT5

We are pleased. The roof is trouble free where we had the work carried out. The work was carried out to a very high professional standard

–Mrs A, DT10

Mr and Mrs P decided it was time to do something when they noticed that the nails on the north side of their roof had gone rusty and slates were slipping, leaving holes in the roof. This was a massive problem for them because in high winds and with pouring rain they had to find some way of making the holes water tight. They decided that the Foamroof was a much more cost effective solution for them than having to re-roof their property.

Mr P says; “It was cost effective to have it sprayed as it holds the slates and ridges on, and saved having scaffolding and having the whole roof felted and battened and then reslated.

Mr & Mrs P also said that ‘after the job was done the temperatures stayed even, not going above 95 degrees in the summer and not dropping below 45 degrees in the winter’.

As an environmentally friendly couple Mr & Mrs P, who are proud to grow all their own vegetables and buy local produce, meat and fish, can now say that they are cutting their carbon footprint even further. With their Foamroof system they are reducing their carbon emissions because they are no longer producing heat to warm up their house which is then escaping straight out of their roof. Learn more

–Mr & Mrs P, Dorset

We chose Foamroof primarily because of the peace of mind their 10 year roof warranty would give us. Their roofing technician arrived and carried out a full survey of our roof from both the inside and out. We were given a full written report on his findings and he took the time to verbally explain what he had found in simple terms.

The following day the Foamroof technicians turned up at the prearranged time. They again explained what the procedure was and covered our hallway and stairs with protective coverings before bringing in their equipment. The work was carried out professionally and without the slightest mess. They cleared away all their tools and any rubbish and we were invited to inspect the finished insulation.

The procedure has transformed our attic from a dark and dusty area to an area that is clean, light and extremely well insulated. We look forward to the obvious benefits this grade and standard of insulation will give us in the winter period. An added bonus is I can now spot any spiders!

We unreservedly recommend Foamroof for their system and were exceptionally pleased by the efficiency and professionally of their technicians. Mrs M, Hampshire

–Mrs M, Hampshire