You can’t beat the recommendation of a repeat customer!


You can’t beat the recommendation of a repeat customer!

Foamroof installation in Weymouth and then again in Portsmouth.

Mr & Mrs J wanted Foamroof to extend the life of their roof originally in Weymouth, which was built in the 1960s. They visited the B&Q store in Weymouth back in October and saw our display stand and felt their home needed a roof survey.

Their property was in an elevated position and had issues with wind driven rain and poor insulation, typical of a 1960’s property. The survey highlighted the existing felt was of good condition and the external tiles were also fine. Due to the low pitch of the roof it was deemed necessary to retain the existing felt to further prevent water ingress. By spraying to the felt it allows future repairs to the roof without any issue. Foamroof provides a 10 year guarantee for all of the roof work and a Lifetime guarantee for the spray foam.

We caught up with them and Mr & Mrs J expressed “The biggest surprise was how much we saved in our heating bills. We’ve reduced our gas and electric bill by £90 per month. In fact the gas company kept on giving us a refund!”

Unfortunately due to health reasons they had to move to a bungalow. They chose a 1950’s property in Portsmouth and quickly realized that they needed Foamroof to make it warm!

As you can see from the photos, they’ve had the walls re-plastered and are refurbishing every room – including the loft! Being a bungalow we had to be careful of the utilities running throughout the loft, although it took a little longer than usual, they are delighted with results, again!

Mrs J explained “now we’ve moved to a new bungalow, the first thing we discovered was the home is always cold and we knew that spray foam would make it warm. In our old house we never used the timer, once it was on the house warmed up and stayed warm. We have no intension of moving now!”

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