Foamroof spray foam insulation racing car

Foamroof spray foam insulation garage space

Foamroof spray foam insulation racing car

preparing rear end of spray foam racing car garage loft vaulted garage loft spray foam dreamroof spray foam garage

So you thought that your loft was full of gems, well check out this GP winning racing car! This was on the ground floor of a newly built garage that needed insulating for the winter.

Foamroof was chosen to ensure that no condensation effects the building and it’s contents. Not only does Foamroof spray foam insulation maintain a more regulated temperature it also insulates the whole building.

This garage has an upstairs too which we have spray foamed. The additional benefit is soundproofing. So if the engine is fired up, the noise will be reduced.

As you can imagine we had too prepare and cover everything, even the garage floor!

Dreaming about which you’d prefer? Well the car will only ever cost you money, but the Foamroof spray foam insulation will only ever save you money!

Another happy Foamroof customer. If you would like to keep your precious items clean and dry for the winter, please contact us!

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