Martin Roberts TalkRadio Interview Foamroof Insulation

Martin Roberts TalkRadio Interview Foamroof Insulation

Martin Roberts Talkradio

Property Expert Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts, property expert from TalkRadio interviewed Foamroof for our insulation expertise.

Wow! & Amazing! were mentioned many times by Martin – which sums our product up very well! Below is a brief edited summary – best to listen to the whole thing!

Martin: “So you could make your loft into a room without the trouble of plaster boarding it”

Foamroof: “absolutely! Our product is Class 1 fire rated spray foam which actually delayed a fire in Exeter enough for the fire brigade to put it out – Martin’s response: “No way, that’s a great thing to shout and scream about!”

Martin: “what colour is it?”

Foamroof: A light creamy white.

Martin: “what’s a cluster fly? I’ve seen millions of them.” Foamroof: A damp loft is perfect for breeding bugs! Spray foam stops all that.

Martin: “are there any grants?” Foamroof: Reduced VAT to 5% represents a significant saving. Long term savings of no roof repairs and reduced heating bills.

Martin: “presumably you check everything is alright with their roof? Most people don’t even go up there. Potentially you are sorting out all sorts of issues in the future.”

Foamroof: We do all of the preparation first. We make it watertight and insulated. We make it a permanent solution.

Martin: “fantastic! What about commercial properties, big warehouses?”

Foamroof: typical application could be an old asbestos barn, tin roofed warehouses etc.

Martin: “there are still asbestos garages, can you spray foam it and make it a safe place?”

Foamroof: Yes we can apply our spray foam directly to it

Martin: “great!”

Foamroof: winter offer – free velux window for all installations this side of Xmas!

Martin: “really? Wow!”

Foamroof would like to thank Martin Roberts, property expert, for his great interview! Please let us know what you thought.

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