Flat roof

Your original thin bitumen felt was glued together with a hot liquid bitumen between each layer. Minimum internal reinforcing, with some containing natural hessian fibres which rot, dries out and cracks with age or UV damage from the sun. If it lasts more than

10 years you’ve done well.

Our flat roofs are:

  • are superior quality synthetic waterproofing membranes for single-ply waterproofing.
  • are homogeneous, soft, flexible with an extremely high percentage of high polymer solids.
  • are in a light coloured smooth surface which does not retain dirt and promotes heat reflection.
  • offer excellent thermal and mechanical properties due to high strength combined with substantial elongation.
  • are resistant to damaging radiation without protective coating. Suitable for use under wear layers (walkways, driveways and roof gardens).
  • are tested to external fire loads or resistance to sparks and radiant heat. The fire load is five times lower than that of built-up felt roof.
  • are resistant to general chemical environmental impact.
  • are resistant to root / rhizome penetration according to FLL testing
  • can be applied on green roofs without any additional root protection layer.
  • Foamroof install solid insulation materials to minimise heat loss
  • have an extremely low vapour diffusion resistance, allowing moisture to escape
  • seamless waterproofing, providing optimum waterproofing solutions for each roof shape and application method.
  • are suitable for all application methods and flat roof configurations
  • are easy and quick to install by homogeneous hot air or solvent welding in the overlap area.
  • can be recycled.

Case study:

Mr M met us at Yeovil B&Q and proceeded to save his roof.

His issue was two fibreglass flat roofs that were pooling water, not insulated and leaking!

Foamroof stripped the old and replaced and installed a new insulated warm roof using the EVALON® waterproofing membrane.

Foamroof also replaced the facia soffits and guttering to completely winterise his home.