Frequently asked questions

Is Spray Foam Fire resistant?

The Foamroof spray foam system contains fire retardants. This allows it to achieve a Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame rating to BS 476 Part 7:1997 without the need for additional coatings/linings. We only use the best materials. If you find a cheaper quote, it’s cheaper for a reason. We are a family run business so we are always very competitive.

Can the roof be repaired in the unlikely event damage occurs later?

Carrying our repairs if the pre-existing felt has been retained is no different to an untreated roof. If you want to make changes to your roof in the future, applying our spray foam to the existing felt would be the best approach.

If the Foamroof spray foam has been deployed directly to the underside of the slate or tile, replacing broken materials is more involved. This will require the damaged section to be cut out and new materials fitted and then the underside resprayed. This is not especially difficult and one of our specialists can carry out this work in the same professional, clean and tidy fashion the initial installation was completed in.

The ten year guarantee covers such unlikely events and the quality of service you can expect from the Foamroof professionals will fix it.

A friend of mine has advised that this isn’t right for my roof – is this true?

It is a misconception common to many insulation products. Many people have, in many years past, been advised against installing cavity wall insulation because of the possibility of moisture transfer. This antiquated view ignores the dramatic advancements in insulation technology and the wealth of field tested products that have dramatically proven efficient, effective and are now increasingly demanded by industry experts. The warmer environment created by the insulating material reduces condensation and moisture transfer.

The Foamroof spray foam has been independently tested to ensure suitability for homes in the UK.

Airflow remains an important consideration and our expert installation teams, with decades of experience, are careful to leave ventilation apertures at the eaves.

The warranty of ten years provides peace of mind that the Foamroof spray foam insulation is a quality product that will dramatically extend the life of your roof.

Please call us with your details and we can provide a number of customer references that will, in most cases, match your circumstances exactly.

Condensation is a current problem – how will Sprayfoam help?

Foamroof Sprayfoam reduces condensation

The Foamroof Sprayfoam achieves this by creating a warmer environment in the roof space.

For the more technicallly minded read on!

Spray-applied polyurethane foams (PU foam) meet the Building Regulations in respect of condensation control by compliance with the Approved Document F ‘Alternative Approach’ for non-ventilated roofs. Calculations are made using the method in BSEN ISO 13788:2002 (and BS 5250 Appendix D): Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings.

Surface and interstitial condensation on all building surfaces can easily be prevented.

In addition to the above it is noteworthy that the Foamroof system is 95% closed cell and 5% open cell to allow the roof to breathe.

Our own installers (fully employed, trained professionals) have over 25 years experience and expertly leave the rafters and eaves exposed to further facillitate air flow.

Client references specifically relating to how Foamroof spray foam insulation resolved this common problem can be provided on request.

What is the Foamroof spray foam insulation material performance?

Foamroof Sprayfoam will be:

  • Resistant to heat, moisture and liquid water. Maximum degradation through UV light (not applicable to internal installations) is approx 0.1mm per year when applied uncovered and externally.
  • Resistant to birds, rodents, insects or other pests
  • Have a high dimensional stability – even when aged
  • Have high tensile adhesion even – when aged
  • Have low water absorption

Foamroof spray foam insulation is installed as a thermal insulation and a roof stabilisation material.

This is in direct accordance with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors performance requirements for undercoatings to slate and tile roofs. Although most roofers don’t like this approach as it means they have one less client to continually fix!

Emergency with my roof, how quick can you fix it?

If you have a serious emergency, for example water is pouring in, we recommend you source a specialist emergency roofer.

If however, you have a problem that we can fix quickly we can be as quick as within 24 hours. Typically the Foamroof spray foam insulation system can be installed in one day, after any remedial work is complete.

How much does it cost?

Every roof is unique. That’s why we come and survey your property first prior to any quotations. We provide a detailed quotation and can even take photos to show you any issues. We are considerably more cost effective than re-roofing.

As we are a family business we ensure that we are competitive with our pricing. In fact we even provide a price promise. As we employ our experts rather than subcontract, use our own vans and equipment we ensure the very best in quality and performance. You only want it done once!

How long is the guarantee?

We provide an insurance backed workmanship gurantee for 10 years. Plus the spray foam insulation has a 25 year product guarantee.

Any issues and we mean any issues, please do let us know as quickly as possible and we’ll organise our Operations Department to resolve it for you.

We care about you and we care about our reputation. That’s why we do a good job in the first place!!

Do you make my loft airtight?

No is the simple answer. Traditional house constructions require an airflow. Therefore the Foamroof spray foam insulation system is installed throughout the roof apart from leaving a breathable space at the eaves for airflow. This typically allows the roof to breath and the air to circulate. It contributes to a clean, dry loft.

I have an appointment for a survey – what happens next?

Perhaps you have had a recommendation from a friend or met a Foamroof representative at an exhibition or event and are wondering what happens next.

Typically the next steps will follow the stages outlined below:

Did Foamroof call you?

Typically you will receive a telephone call within a few days to arrange a survey. In this call you will be asked a few questions relating to the property such as the following:

  • Property type: detached/semi-detached
  • Age of the property?
  • Ownership type?
  • In what state is the roof and roof coverings?
  • Is the property listed?
  • Does the roof have any pre-existing windows such as a Velux or dormers?
  • Has the loft area had any comprehensive building works such as a loft conversation?

Once we have arranged for one of our surveyors to visit they complete a visual inspection of your roof to identify any remedial works and the suitability of the spray foam insulation.

Then our surveyor can complete a detailed quotation for the works involved. If you decide to proceed we then typically agree dates for our roofing team to start the preparation works. Once the roofing team is complete we then start the spray foam insulation from within the loft space. We are clean, tidy, punctual professionals.

Call us today and arrange a free no obligation roof survey 01202 026012