How much does spray foam insulation cost?

Unlike fiberglass or rolled out loft floor insulation, spray foam is not free. 

Even if you had to buy fiberglass it’s normally less than £1,000 to do it yourself and it really is possible to install it yourself. Spray foam insulation is not an unskilled diy application because it’s permanent and therefore an expert that’s been properly trained should only install it. 

So what costs are involved? 

The cheapest part is the manpower to physically do the job. Your average 3 bedroom house can normally be sprayed in a day by an experienced two man team. But that’s only a very small part of the cost. 

The material used is carried in the van and is pumped at high temperature through heated hoses up into the loft, attic, room, garage or wherever. The specialist equipment installed correctly in a suitable van costs typically in excess of £50,000! 

Then there’s the material itself. There are two main types of spray foam installed in the UK. One is open cell which is a water based product. The other is closed cell which is an oil based product. You only want an oil based, water repellant product in the loft. Otherwise when you have rain water leak in with open cell it turns the insulation to mush and the water comes into your property. With closed cell it doesn’t. Guaranteed. 

Closed cell is a breathable, fire retardant product and when installed correctly by experts it will last a lifetime. 

External preparation is also essential to the long term success of the installation. This is also a highly skilled part of the work and should not be ignored. Again not a job for a diyer. At Foamroof we only employ proven long term roofing experts. We’ve learnt the hard way! Only employ the very best. Obviously this costs the company more but it does mean we provide a much better standard of work that we are proud to guarantee. 

So what about the costs? The variables are how much work needs to be done externally? Also how big is the area to be sprayed? Once those have been identified the cost can be calculated accurately. 

It’s a tough one to unprofessionally guestimate the cost of something without thoroughly examining it. But we’ve come this far so as a ball park figure, an average 3 bedroom house could cost between £3-5,000. Cheaper than a reroof, better insulated and fully guaranteed. The Which website states it was quoted £2,500 – £3,000 to insulate the loft of a three bedroom semi in southeast England. That was with the cheaper Open Cell product.

Is Foamroof the cheapest?

No because we employ our spray teams and experts. 

No because we use the very best materials you can buy.

No because we thoroughly prepare the outside and provide extensive guarantees.

Yes because we will price match any other company using the same quality product!

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