The Foamroof Approach

The integrity of your roof is fundamental to the well-being of the entire building structure.

Originally the roof was designed to protect the home from water ingress and prevent structural damage. In recent decades professional bodies such as architects, surveyors and governmental advisors have increasingly stressed the need to add insulation to the roof structure. So both heat loss and avoiding leaks should be the priority of every homeowner. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors also recommends that a detailed survey is carried out before any works commence.

Following your enquiry, we arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to visually inspect your roof and complete the first stage of a roof MOT.

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The Foamroof Approach
to Roof MOT's:

Check Roof Coverings

Including tile or slate roofs and their state, fitting and soundness.

Check Fixings

Looking for signs of nail fatigue or nib failure.

Roof Details

Check ridges, eaves, lead or tile valleys, hips, verges and chimney pointings.

Roof Timbers

Checking for water damage and ensuring the integrity of the fixings, such as rafters, ridge and valley boards.

Risk Assessment

Following our stringent health and safety policy for completing and accessing the works required.

Full Written Quotation

From initial remedial works to the complete spray foam application.

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Our roofing experience:

Professional and Holistic Approach

We are a specialist roofing company that uses a unique, professional and holistic approach. A survey and assessment is carried out – detailing any issues that need remedial care. Each job is carefully scheduled and managed by our Operations team.

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Spray Foam Lifetime Guarantee

Remedy and fix outstanding issues prior to applying sprayfoam. Applying our sprayfoam by our own experienced roofing teams. Guarantee the roof integrity for 10 years.

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Foamroof Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is central to the activity of Foamroof. We do our utmost to manage your repairs in a professional and courteous fashion and take our responsibility to care and restore your roof seriously. If we uncover an unexpected issue of a serious nature we will give free advice on the best way forward and give you the best options to choose from.

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Contact us today for a free roof MOT

Book a free visit with our friendly and qualified surveyors who will investigate the integrity of the structure, the state of the existing materials such as timbers, fixings, under felt and existing insulation. We will then establish and discuss with you the best approach to improve the condition of the roof. The survey carries no obligation and can be carried out at a time convenient to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a spray foam restoration not appropriate?

The main reason for not recommending a spray foam restoration is if the condition of the majority of existing roof tiles have deteriorated such that they are fragile and crumbling. Other possibilities are that there is structural damage to the roof timbers, perhaps caused by un-treated water ingress. If it is beyond repair we would recommend a full tile and felt re-roof. Our free roof MOT and survey will uncover any such issues and we will be able to advise you of the options.

Why use spray foam insulation?

The Foamroof sprayfoam can solve a number of problems in a more cost-effective way than perhaps an expensive and inconvenient re-roof or continual on-going repairs. Plus it has permanent insulation properties, breathability and a lengthy
manufacturers guarantee making it the perfect solution for our well-weathered
homes in the UK.

Why choose Foam Roof?

Many of our customers chose Foamroof because they were experiencing issues with their roof; from serious water ingress to slipping tiles or slates; or deteriorating felt or no felt; whatever the issues we remedy the faults before we apply our sprayfoam.


Our highly-skilled, surveyors and craftsmen deliver a first-class service to customers looking to resolve their roofing problems and provide long-term peace of mind. But don't just take our word for it!

Foamroof repaired and insulated our older, residential roof. Tradesmen were helpful, professional, responsive and flexible throughout a somewhat complicated, multi-stage project. The finished work was well-done and it was a good experience - I'd work with them again.

Testimonial Author

Michael Jacobs


Foamroof teams were professional, fast, and thorough. Their office staff were also prompt and easy to work with. The company gave us a guarantee for our roof as well - now we can go on with our business without having to worry about our roof. Thanks guys!

Testimonial Author

Martin Lewis


My experience with this company was positive from beginning to end. I met the surveyor when he came to give me a quote. He was clear, knowledgeable and available to send over of their roofing team within a week and spray team the following week.

Testimonial Author

Karlin Brown


This company is far superior to the others as they employ they’re guys. They offered a much more competitive price and far superior service. I would strongly recommend this company if you're considering a new roof or just spray foam.

Testimonial Author

Macy Brown


I am extremely satisfied with the quality, price and the timeliness of the foam roof installed on my roof. Everything went like clockwork, and I am a very happy. I strongly recommend Foamroof for anyone who is considering having a foam roof installed on their residence.

Testimonial Author

Nathan Todd


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Our Approach

Our specialists use a unique, professional and holistic approach to identify and fix your insulation issues. We take photos of each stage. Our approval ratings are high and we are certified by the most recognised national standard agencies and are PAS 2030 approved.