Our Guarantee

The Foamroof Lifetime Product Guarantee

We provide two guarantees for your home. One is a Lifetime product guarantee from the manufacturer and the other is a 10 year works guarantee. This provides you with total protection for everything Foamroof does.

When we spray to the tiles or slates it locks and bonds all of the thousands of individual items into one solid, stronger structure. When we spray to the felt it adds an additional membrane to protect your roof. The Spray Foam also adds structural support to what is essentially a floating structure.

We have chosen to partner with the best manufacturers of Spray Foam Insulation in the industry.  The Spray Foam is breathable and adds new life to a roof. It’s not the cheapest but you only want the job done once!

So not only is our product the best in the market, approved and certified; so are Foamroof the experts to install it in your home, guaranteed.

We provide a simple guarantee that has your interests at heart.

Our warranty is issued for 10 years and protects you against water ingress and slipping tiles or slates. If your roof springs a leak or suffers any slipped tiles during this time, simply give us a call and we’ll fix the problem free of charge.

In addition to this we can provide an insurance backed warranty that protects you in the unlikely event that Foamroof ever goes out of business or for any reason is unable to fulfill it’s warranty obligations. This might be a major concern for any home-owner but with Foamroof there’s no need to worry – we’ve got you covered!

We are so confident in our ability to prepare and Sprayfoam your roof we guarantee it for the same length of time as a brand new property. Our 10 year warranty cover is the equivalent of a new build guarantee. Effectively we are saying you have a “newly-refurbished” roof.

As with most things in life, the preparation is the key. That’s why we have our own team of very experienced roofers (many from boy to man). They extensively inspect and repair your roof first prior to sprayfoam application. That may include replacing tiles, valleys, chimney flashings or repairing the felt – all with the professional perspective of extending the life of your roof.

NHBC provide a 10 year warranty on new build properties but the claims process is complicated and contains numerous terms that protect the insurers. We at Foamroof on the other hand pride ourselves on being very transparent and easy to deal with.

In the unlikely event you do have water ingress caused by slipping roof tiles or slates call our operations department immediately. We will arrange for a priority roof inspection for one of our roofing teams to come and complete a site visit and identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Due to our skillful preparation and subsequent Sprayfoam, it’s very unlikely you will ever have a leak again.

Foamroof Product Guarantees

Foamroof have the industry backing and support for the services and products that we install. Each manufacturer we work with provides extensive specialist training for us to install their products. That’s why our skilled tradesman can provide the correct advice and application unique to you.

The equipment we use is also of the very latest technology available. The Graco A25 machine manages the temperatures of the Sprayfoam enabling a consistent application of the material. We also use Graco Reactor Heated Hoses as they maintain proper fluid temperatures from our dedicated vans up to your loft area.

With years of experience we select only the best products:

▪ Velux roof windows – over 60 years since the first installation.

▪ Foamroof Spray foam, 25 year guarantee, Class 1 Fire Retardant

▪ Fakro loft ladders – over 3200 employees worldwide

Although all of these products come with their own warranties Foamroof can enhance the warranty to include a comprehensive-insurance backed warranty on the work we do.


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