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Spray foam industrial roof insulation

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Spray foam insulation applied to Industrial roof and walls

We are Industrial Building insulation experts with our own fully employed, qualified and experienced teams that can minimize the workplace disruption.

Don’t waste your money on trying to fix the cold, damp, leaking roof with old fashioned insulation.

Seal it all with a FIRE RETARDANT, BREATHABLE, certified spray foam insulation. Reduce heat loss, eliminate condensation, and create a clean, watertight, draught-proof and instantly usable space.

We have our own access equipment, Health and Safety policy, Building Control compliance with BBA certified products.

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Advantages of polyurethane roof insulation foam

Breathable Foam


Our Polyurethane spray loft insulation is designed to be 5% open cell. This creates the right balance of strength and rigidity whilst still allowing sufficient air movement to allow any moisture to evaporate.



A professionally restored, spray foam insulated roof will last the life of the building according to the BBA certificate from BASF. Our surveyor will carefully asses the condition of your existing roof tiles to ensure they have many years of serviceable life.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Our Polyurethane foam loft insulation solution is an excellent material. Spray foam insulation can reduce the heat loss through your roof by up to 80%.

Lack of disruption

Lack of disruption

Once any remedial work has been carried out (this is usually inexpensive and non-disruptive) a spray foam installation can usually be completed in a day or two, depending on size and access. Compare this to a full re-roof which might take at least 3 weeks, involving full scaffolding and potential risk of damage from adverse weather.



Our polyurethane spray foam is surprisingly strong. When bonded directly to the back of the tiles it makes the entire roof a single, extremely strong but flexible structure. Loose tiles blown off by storms are something for other people to worry about. Even sprayed to the felt it adds rigidity to the structure extending the life of the building.

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What Our Customers Say...

Foamroof teams were professional, fast, and thorough. Their office staff were also prompt and easy to work with. The company gave us a guarantee for our roof as well - now we can go on with our business without having to worry about our roof. Thanks guys!

I am extremely satisfied with the quality, price and the timeliness of the foam roof installed on my roof. Everything went like clockwork, and I am a very happy. I strongly recommend Foamroof for anyone who is considering having a foam roof installed on their residence.

Different Types of Industrial Roof Insulation

Industrial roof insulation is an important consideration for businesses and other industrial facilities. Not only it helps you make significant savings on heating bills, his type of insulation helps to protect the roof from wear and tear, keeping it in good condition and reducing the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

There are several different types of industrial roof insulation available, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Each type has its own specific advantages, such as cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, or ease of installation.

When choosing industrial roof insulation for your facility, it is important to consider your needs and budget carefully. Some factors to consider include the size and shape of the roof.

When you insulate an industrial roof, you're aiming to protect both the building and the people or equipment that work there.

1. Spray Foam

Cherry picker for industrial roof insulationSpray foam insulation is a popular and frequent insulation solution in commercial structures as it's a go-to solution for warehouse insulation, factory insulation and other types of commercial roof insulation.

Spray foam, which comes in open-cell or closed-cell forms, can insulate your warehouse while still complying with all of the necessary standards.

Due to the superior U-Value of closed-cell foam insulation, this is generally more popular than the open-cell type, which is mainly used in residential setting.

Spray foam insulation helps minimise your carbon footprint and save you money on energy bills while also providing an eco-friendly insulant.

Spray foam insulation, which is sprayed on walls and roofs to reduce condensation, is used in a variety of industries. It's commonly utilized in construction, marine, manufacturing, and agricultural settings. An important factor making it the preferred type of commercial roof insulation is the low intrusion and low disruption. Spray foam roof insulation can be applied to your warehouse roof quickly and often enabling you to operate during the installation.

2. Insulated Metal Sheets

A popular way to insulate commercial roofs is to use insulated metal sheets. They consist of thin corrugated metal sheets with the insulant sandwiched between them. Although it may seem like a no-brainer, it's a preferred method for newly built commercial premises. It is difficult and expensive to retrofit insulated metal sheets that's why many business owners choose a different insulation method.

3. Styrofoam or Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

Another foam-based option is Styrofoam. This XPS roof insulant is available in the form of a board/panel and is a highly efficient business building insulation solution.

4. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS boards are similar to XPS in that they're a less expensive variant of XPS and can perform nearly the same as it. EPS foam insulation boards, on the other hand, have lower thermal conductivity than XPS panels, making them better suited for use in exterior locations where high heat movement is required.

5. Polyisocyanurate (ISO)

Spray foam is not the only type of foam insulant solution available on the market. In this type of insulation, commonly known as PIR or ISO, it is foam supplied in panel form. This allows the insulation to have extra features, such as foil-facing, that can benefit commercial buildings' roof insulation.

Unlike spray foam insulation for commercial buildings, ISO is an above-deck solution - meaning that it gets retrofitted above the existing roof. It has a high resistance to moisture, so it is an excellent choice for commercial roofs with low-slope. Additionally, the outer foil-facing layers eliminate the need for an extra vapor barrier on your roof.

6. Mineral Wool or Rock Wool

Mineral or rock wool insulation has a number of advantages when it comes to insulating commercial properties. Mineral wool insulation is moisture resistant and highly fire resistant, however, it's not as easy to install in industrial setting.

Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Roof Insulation

When you plan a commercial roof insulation project, you'll be overwhelmed by the many options for insulation. However, as long as you have defined goals for the insulation, it will be easy to choose the right product. Insulation can achieve different objectives - are you looking to increase your EPC rating, improve green credentials of your facilities, solve condensation issues, or a mix of different goals?

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Why businesses love commercial warehouse ceiling insulation services by Foamroof Ltd.

Our specialists use a unique, professional and holistic approach to identify and fix your insulation issues. We take photos of each stage. Our approval ratings are high and we are certified by the most recognised national standard agencies and are PAS 2030 approved.

Foamroof Ltd are a family owned and run business who put customers and quality first. We are also amongst a very small minority of companies to have been awarded the highest quality accreditations of a Government Trustmark and BBA certification. Both require extensive and comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the business on a regular basis. This is a reflection of our employed experts. If you're looking for the best quote on tin roof insulation or any other metal roof insulation, fill in the short form.